Volunteer Volunteerism - Free image on Pixabay

Being an AYMC volunteer means joining a historical association recognized as being of public utility which, since 2014, has acted for the employment of young people by informing them and raising their awareness about the business world with a vast network of more than 30 AYMC Clubs spread over everywhere in the US.

We bring together young people and the educational community of companies in the same territory with a view to effective and lasting collaborations. American Youth Ministries Congregation has a network of volunteer experts deployed throughout the country. They help the functioning of AYMC at the national and local levels by carrying out specific missions.

The Clubs are made up of volunteers with different roles. Thus, there is a President and a Delegate, but also volunteer experts who steer national AYMC actions as well as local actions specific to their territories.

Those who join AYMC are considered expert volunteers, because more than just volunteers, they are full collaborators who, by mobilizing with AYMC to defend the employability of young people, make use of their personal experiences and skills. acquired throughout their professional life.

The American Youth Ministries Congregation is constantly creating and developing a multitude of actions in order to enlighten young people, their parents, and their teachers on the constantly evolving expectations of companies, for this we need you and your talents.


  • Participate in the economic and social life of its region and its locality.
  • Participate in the implementation of concrete actions in order to facilitate school-business relationships in the region and bring young people closer to the business world.
  • Get involved in the realization of specific national and regional projects (AYMC actions) requiring organization and team leadership.
  • Intervene in training establishments (colleges, high schools, universities, etc.).
  • Provide information on the world of work and its evolution.
  • Introduce the world of business.
  • Share their experience, anecdotes on the transition from the school world to the professional world.
  • Give young people the desire to undertake.
  • Develop and maintain relationships with the businesses around you.


  • Join the Youth and Business associative project.
  • Adhere to the volunteering values ​​of the American Youth Ministries Congregation.
  • Take an interest in young people.
  • Wanting to pass on professional experience.
  • Have a few free hours per month to devote to the association.
  • Know the business world.