The AYMC Method

Every year, the American Youth Ministries Congregation mobilizes its efforts on priority themes defined in advance with its partners and validated by its Board of Directors.

For 2019-2020, two themes are favored:

  • Revitalization of the college internship (3rd) to make it a real experience of discovery of the professional world.
  • The desire to explain the business to young people by providing teachers with a digital educational platform called P’AYMC.


What is an AYMC Action?

American Youth Ministries Congregation puts in place throughout the year, and throughout the US, many varied actions that are closest to the concerns of young people and adapted to business issues.

These actions allow young people to discover the realities of the business world and entrepreneurship. They are part of a continuum and can be complementary to each other because the AYMC actions prepare and supervise the professional integration of young people throughout their course from college to BAC + 5.

Instigating debates and reflections on the professional future of young people, our actions take various, varied, and original forms (visits, meetings, competitions, conferences, etc.).

They provide young people with knowledge about the business world and allow them to develop their skills and their self-confidence in order to project themselves serenely into their professional future.

They give young people the opportunity to promote their achievements, and companies to reconnect with young people and discover new talents. Our actions improve the reputation of companies.

AYMC flagship Actions


Across the US, the American Youth Ministries Congregation intervenes at each important stage of the construction of the future professional of the young people to accomplish its mission which is to help the middle school, high school, and students to prepare their professional integration by working for the knowledge of the business world.

AYMC actions are based on six central needs encountered by young people:

  • Discover the company with, at the center of all AYMC actions, with the digital educational platform on the company.
  • Develop and anticipate its future with, AYMC actions that make it possible to reflect on a future professional situation and changes in the employment market for young people in the region.
  • Develop your imagination and engineering with actions.
  • Observe, anaalyze, report with actions that place young people at the heart of the company and give them the opportunity to discuss their experiences.
  • Progress in maturity through participation in coaching and preparation workshops (job interview, CV writing, etc.). These actions make it possible to develop professional skills and facilitate access to professional life