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The American Youth Ministries Congregation (AYMC) works for youth and more specifically youth employment! How? ‘Or’ What? By advocating a real change of culture and promoting the Education-Business dialogue through meetings of young people with professionals, but also through a range of actions designed to respond to specific issues and concerns, generated by young people on their professional future.

Since its creation, American Youth Ministries Congregation has been supported by two different ministries: the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education, and Research as well as the Ministry of Industry, Labor, Employment, Vocational Training, and Apprenticeship.

We act for the employability of young people


“Our mission must inspire. Make young people want to climb mountains, provide the means to reach summits, encourage people to redesign the landscapes of our country.”

Our vocation is to bring young people closer to businesses and businesses to young people, with the help of teachers and parents of students. The American Youth Ministries Congregation has more than thirty anchor points in the US through its network of AYMC Clubs and a team of volunteer experts, all from the professional world or the educational environment. Each of the actions that we put in place serves to facilitate the transition from the school world to the professional world by informing and creating a perpetual exchange between young people and companies.


Our values ​​are based on the conviction that successful professional integration is a prepared integration. Thus, our messages promote exchange, sharing, and open-mindedness. We arouse the curiosity of young people about the business world and the taste for entrepreneurship in all its forms. All our actions are useful to young people and allow them to approach their professional future with enthusiasm.